The Knot in the Verse

Day 1

We were sent by Aaron to find a gauntlet. Apparently it can open agency doors, but it’s not my job to know. We infiltrated the cavern, with our new accomplice, a Cleric with a strange name. We bound him and entered posing as Army officers transporting a political prisoner. Two teefling guards blocked the doors. Upon entry, we examined a dungeon. There we met two Dwarf Bravos and one human being brutally tortured. After doing away with the torturer and the guard (killing the torturer and tricking the guard to leave), we freed the prisoners. The dwarves said they would ward off the Army there, having personally encountered two comanding officers and eight new recruits, we took them up on their offer. The human, called only “L,” went with us through a large door. We entered and found the gauntlet, springing a trap in doing so. We fought off two snakes and another guard. The snakes were particularly hard to ward off. We had to push them into holes and through boulders on them. L, trying to further our mission, threw himself in a hole with the snakes, asking us to through a boulder on him to rid us of the snakes.

As we left the cavern, we saw the two bravos were dead, but so were every Army member, sans their heads. Upon investigation we found a strange man with a burn scar on his face, carrying a bag of heads. He did not identify himself.

Aaron called us back to the Agency, telling us to beware of te scarred man. Roulin was sent away on another mission, and we met a Warforged who joined our party. We went to a local town, looking for a woman. We found her apprentice, a young halfling who told us she had gone unto the forrest looking for a watch that had been stolen by three goblins with a dire wolf. I bought the boy a new sword, leaving him a note explanning why he could not come with us, saying I hope to meet him again and fight at his side.

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