Enzygall and the Arachnatheron

On the Northern end of the Risan Mountains is the jungle home of the Drow known as The Arachnatheron. They call their jungle and their land Enzygall. The Bagheera river flows through the jungle and comes out near Megalopirifom, the Arachnatheron’s capital city. The rich nutrients flowing downriver along the Bagheera feed the Arm of Lolth, a coral reef extending for miles and miles and preventing large ship traffic from reaching Enzygall.

In response, ships looking to contact Megalopirifom drop anchor off of the Arm and send smaller vessels towards the city. The Water Walkers use specially enchanted skiffs to move loads quickly from the city to waiting vessels. Their job is particularly important because Megalopirifom is the only exporter of their rare spider silk, called Spider’s Milk, Lolth’s Gift, Pirifom, The Beautiful Web, and Jungle Silk, among other names.

Megalopirifom is the only true city in Enzygall. It is run by the eight patriarchs of the Upper Clans, known as the Brotherhood of the Fang. They mediate farming and land disputes among the clans and deal with foreign affairs amongst themselves. They, by nature of their position, are powerful warlords and ritualists, particularly well-versed in the rituals pertaining to the taming of spiders.

Enzygall is far too wild for anyone except the Arachnatheron. Their appetite for silk has, over generations, led to the creation of massive spiders of phenomenal strength, the biggest of which can grapple even with dragons. Indeed, with one exception, no dragons care to live in Enzygall.

To the south, the jungle slowly fades as it climbs the sides of the Risan Mountains. Another sect of the Arachnatheron are known to live there, deep underground. They are infamously bloodthirsty, jealous, some say cannibalistic. They are contemptuous of the jungle-dwelling Arachnatheron’s thirst for wealth and somewhat gentle interpretation of Lolth’s commands to her followers.

Enzygall and the Arachnatheron

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