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Welcome to the world of Berisole. Here, arcane power surges out of every creature, every object, and the air itself. Here, puzzles and symbols enthrall the population, finding their way into traps, rituals, architecture, clothing, and more. Here, rituals are common knowledge, used by everyone to add ease and just a touch of magic to their lives. Here, dreams are the possession of a select few, and the dreamers are both worshiped and despised. Here, a pantheon of saints lead and inspire the populace from their home on the astral plane.

This is the 99th year since the invasion of The Army. A massive invasion force came from the east and west by ship. Down to a man, though, none of them remembers where they came from, or why they left. From the east they conquered the fjord city of Skjorgallen, and moved west until they were stopped by the Bravos of the Risan Mountains. From the west they conquered the stone tree city of Valoweon, and pushed the inhabitants east to The Arbor Sands, leaving a massive gash in the landscape.

The people of Berisole are a diverse folk. Each has carved out their own niche in the world, though they are united by their faith in The Creator and their hatred towards The Army. Dominant among the natives of Berisole are the Eladrin, Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes. In lesser numbers one can find the Drow, Humankind, Warforged, Halflings, and Goliaths. Very small communities of Deva, Half-Elves, Changelings and Shifters also call Berisole their home. The Army itself was made up of Humans, Tieflings, Half-Orcs, Dragonborn, and the Kalashtar, though many other races have joined its ranks.

As the one hundredth year of occupation looms, forces are at play to turn the tides. The Army develops new plans to crush resistance forever as it prepares for a continent wide celebration of conquest. Rebels of all nations band together under common leaders to turn the tides on the interlopers. Scholars and priests pore over ancient manuscripts and prophecies, terrified at what they find. And behind it all a secret organization prepares to show the world that everything they thought they knew is wrong.

Home Page

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